If something goes wrong with the server and it starts affecting your website, its up to the web host to resolve the issue. If you’re planning to pay for an added extra layer of protection, its a good idea to look into this new Google Cloud authentication solution. The service is becoming very popular now in the web hosting industry, and with over 30 million users and 4 million domains signed up, Cloud service is sure to have you secured from any potential cyber attacks and hosted securely, and that’s why using a knownhost dedicated hosting is the best choice to have a secure site

We know that getting a reputable service like ours for your website can be daunting and costly. Don’t let the cost stop you from starting a website of your own. Its a great way to generate sales, and let your business grow. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:


Highly secure with hard-to-crack passwords

Pricing is very reasonable

Very customizable


Not ideal for most low traffic websites

Doesn’t offer an admin panel and cloud storage


The Digital Signature Requirements

The second required step in signing up for a web hosting provider is an appropriate digital signature, and many web hosts will require this for your website. There are several possible methods of signing up to a site with an expiration date. One, usually the most common method is to ask the web hosting company for a hard-copy of your digital signature. This way, you can still control your website without having to worry about giving out your private key.

Another method, which a few small web hosts may offer, is a fully automated process. This method can cost you a small premium and gives you the ability to control the server’s settings and permissions from a few quick clicks. In some cases, this method could help reduce security concerns but is certainly not recommended to anyone who is using sensitive data. The third option is the older method of physical delivery. The last option, which is least popular, is email forwarding of signatures. Many websites that have signed up over the years have been accidentally delivered to someone else who didn’t follow the actual steps of downloading the key file. This is a common practice among web hosts and is generally frowned upon by security experts.