Golden Rule is 2/3 on 1/3 off

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Industry standards for 3cm material with overhangs

10” for Granite
(Fragile stones may require support for less than 10”)
14” for Quartz

Overhang Island Side View

Overhang Half Wall

The maximum overhang of any countertop including that with corbels is no more than 1/3 of the depth of the countertop. Larger overhangs will require additional support, including corbels or legs.

Connecticut Solid Surface sells metal brackets for overhangs but we do not install them. The installation should be done by your cabinet installer / carpenter and in certain cases should be installed before the sheet rock is even installed. If you want these brackets please make sure you request them before the template is done so we can have our templator bring them out with him to the job site or you are welcome to come and pick them up.



  • 2cm Requires support every 24″
  • 3cm Requires support every 36″
  • Avoid using substrates materials like Particle Board, OSB, Flake Board and any non water resistant product.
  • All cabinets must be level and shimmed to 1/16″ tolerance


  • Use the rule of 2/3 on and 1/3 overhang
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