All edges include an 1/8″ round bottom unless otherwise requested.

Eased Edge Cambria Windemere

1/8″ Roundover

Very simple 1/8″ rounded on the top. Sometimes known as an Eased edge or Z edge. Shown in Cambria®  Windmere™.

1/4″ Roundover

A little more than the 1/8″ Roundover edge 1/4″ rounded on the top also known as a Pencil edge.
Shown in Cambria®  Roxwell™.

Pencil Edge Cambria Roxwell
3/8" Roundover Edge Cambria Daron

3/8″ Roundover

Nicely rounded 3/8″ rounded on the top. Shown in Cambria®  Daron™.

Bevel Edge

Beveled edge 1/4″  on the top. Also known as a Chamfer edge. Shown in Cambria®  Berkley™.

Bevel Edge Cambria Berkely
Half Bullnose Edge

Half Bullnose Edge

Rounded on the top edge. Also referred to as Demi Bullnose or 1 1/4″ Round.

Full Bullnose

Rounded at the top and bottom of the edge.  Shown in Cambria® BERWYN™.

Full Bullnose Cambria Berwyn
Ogee Edge Cambria Princetown


Also known as Short Ogee or Saskatoon Ogee. Shown in Cambria®  Pincetown™.

Stacked Edge

The stacked or laminated edge is 2 pieces glued together on top of each other to give the appearance of a much thicker counter. In most cases the seam will be visible.

Stacked Edge Image

Mitered Edge


Mitered edge same as the Stacked Edge can also be used  to give the appearance of a much thicker counter but with a more hidden seam. Mitered edges are commonly used for a waterfall panel that extends to the floor.