Side Mounting Your Dishwasher To Your Cabinet

The reason I wrote this section is because I keep getting calls telling me that they can’t mount their dishwasher to the cabinet and that they need a special bracket like the E-Z DISHWASHER BRACKET™ listed below. It is NOT recommended to mount your dishwasher to the stone (Granite or Quartz ect) If you really have to mount it to the stone then the bracket listed below would be the best way. Ok so it’s time to mount your dishwasher. We all now how to do this without reading the manual right. Just hook up the water, power supply and the drain no problem but now we need to mount it so it doesn’t tip over when we open the door. All the dishwashers I have seen come with the mounting clip above the dishwasher and we just attach it to the counter with a few screws right? Well I just bought a stone counter top and this won’t work and I can’t find anything in the installation manual that tells me what to do. Well look a little closer and you will see the section on how to mount the dishwasher to the cabinet. Below are clippings from different dishwasher manufacturers installation manuals that show you how to mount the dishwasher to the cabinet with the section highlighted and without the page highlighted (For those of you that print in black and white or want to fax it).┬áPlease note that these are just pages from the installation manual and not the whole manual. Refer to your manual for complete details on the full proper installation of your dishwasher.


All manuals clips are in PDF format

Excerpt form one of the manuals
Clip from manual


EZ Dishwasher Bracket

This is for those of you that have an old dishwasher that you can’t move the bracket. I have just the thing for you it’s called the E-Z DISHWASHER BRACKET™ available at you local Home Depot or Lowes. They do not stock the bracket. It takes normally 2 – 3 weeks to come in. You also might find it at your local hardware store. I have included a nice video that shows you how to mount it. I do not like using the first method in the video because the way it gets mounted creates a slight bow for the granite to sit on. Also be sure if you are using this bracket that you also purchase some 100% Silicone. Watch the video and you will see what I mean and please allow 24 – 48 hours for the silicone to dry before using the dishwasher 48 hours for best results.

Home Depot:
Dishwasher Undercounter Mounting Kit
Model # W10426979 – Internet #203650642

Whirlpool Universal Dishwasher Mounting Kit (Countertop Mount) (Stainless Steel)
Item # 581918 Model # W10426979