How do I care for my Quartz Countertop?

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Cleaning counters with soap and water

Maintenance of quartz is quite easy! Simply wipe with a soft cotton cloth and warm water. You can use a mild soap if you wish.

Here’s a few more things you should know…

Quartz is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stones. However, all stone can be damaged by force. Remember, no stone is chip-proof, and objects forcefully hitting edges may cause damage. No stone is scratch-proof, either. Minor knife slips will not harm the surface, but surface markings are possible and will be more visible on monotone colors than multi-colored surfaces.

Quartz counter tops are food-safe. They do not stain or etch when oil, grease, or acid is left on them, however, it is always best to wipe up spills right away. Some brands of quartz counter tops deter the growth of bacteria. Some are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International for use in commercial kitchens.

You do not need to seal these counter tops like other natural stone surfaces. Quartz counter tops are heat resistant, but not heat proof- they can be damaged by sudden or rapid changes in temperature or by direct/sustained heating. Use a hot pad or trivet when placing hot pots or pans directly on the counter.