How Do I Choose My New Countertop?

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Choosing your new countertop can seem confusing or overwhelming. Fear not! Now is a great time to invest in your home, whether you are just refreshing a kitchen or bathroom, or doing a complete remodel of your home.

For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of the home. It is a central hub of activity, a place you should be proud to fill with cooking, conversation, and friends and family. When choosing your new countertops, it is important to not only consider your aesthetic desires, but also your lifestyle and daily uses. Consider the following factors: Aesthetics, Maintenance, Durability, and Cost.

Take a look at our options, mull it over, sleep on it. We’re here to help you pick the perfect material to compliment your lifestyle.

When you’re ready to move forward:

1. Select all the counter tops that catch your eye. Now is not the time to hold back- pick out a bunch of samples, put them next to each other. This will help you eliminate a few right away.

2. With your corresponding cabinet/color/stain in mind, eliminate those that do not work with your cabinet tone, flooring, and style scheme.

3. Take your narrowed down choices home to live with you for a couple of days. See how it works with your lighting in the room, your cabinets, colors, and styles. Feel which one you keep going back to- notice which one gives you a happy feeling. Your initial feelings/instinct may be the right one, so try not to over think it.

If at any time you feel you need help or guidance in this process, give us a call or approach your Connecticut Solid Salesperson. We will be happy to offer any helpful information you may need to aid you in your decision.